We would love to thank all our community members that have helped ANUME get to where we are today. Your donations and time have enriched our lands and nourished our community!

A special thank you to...

  • Our family and friends who have always been by our side. They have given their time, support, and love as we grow and do great things together.
  • To our wonderful Board of Directors and Advisors who support our endeavors and assist in important decision-making.
  • To all our local churches who have given us their support, prayers, and good wishes.
  • To local universities who offer education, resources and support to our endeavors.
  • Randall and Margaret Gay, who generously donated their Yukon Suburban to help us transport our produce to our pantries.
  • Christian Sacra who has captured the beauty of our work and farm with his beautiful photography. Many of his photos are featured on this website.
  • Fayette County's Mcoys Tree Surgery for their weekly drop offs of wood chips.
  • Our neighbors who have always supported our endeavors and lend their help when needed.
  • All of the tractor and farm supply businesses in the La Grange area for their generosity.
  • Mr. W.O Wood for being a dedicated supporter of ANUME and for his donation of feed tubs which we now use as planters.
  • Jane Renee Chabrand, Elaine Rutten, and Juan Canedo for their generous gifts and support. 
  • Schulenburg ISD for opening up their doors to us.
  • The many ISDs in the Houston and La Grange area who have helped us grow our educational programming.
  • Betsy Ross from Sustainable Growth Texas who has taught us the magic of compost tea, among many other methods for growing organic food and raising cattle.
  • All the politicians and representatives that have vouched for our cause.
  • San Jacinto Environmental Supply who donates their expertise helping us fortify and enrich our soil.‚Äč
  • Nature's Way Resources who educates us conditionally and contributes many hours to our purpose and growth.
  • The chefs at Bistro 108 and Georgia's Farm to Market who have partnered with ANUME to share our quality produce with their customers.
  • Central Texas Food Bank for their continued support and collaboration. It has been a pleasure working with you all over the years, thank you!
  • La Grange Tire for their charitable support.

The ANUME Foundation is a 501(c)3 Organic Farm and Foundation in La Grange,Tx.