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We partner with these organizations to distribute 75% of our production as donations. We are honored to work with and for these organizations who have inspired us by their dedication, compassion, and hard work.

Amen Food Pantry

in La Grange


Crisis Center

in Bastrop, TX

Thank You! Interested in becoming a buyer of bulk sale produce? Contact us today!

We would love to thank all our community members that have helped ANUME get to where we are today. Your donations and time have enriched our lands and nourished our community! 
A special thank you to...
  • Our family and friends who have always been by our side. They have given their time, support, and love as we grow and do great things together. 
  • To our wonderful Board of Directors and Advisors who support our endeavors and assist in important decision-making.
  • To all our local churches who have given us their support, prayers, and good wishes.
  • To local universities who offer education, resources and support to our endeavors.
  • Randall and Margaret Gay, who generously donated their Yukon Suburban to help us transport our produce to our pantries.
  • Christian Sacra who has captured the beauty of our work and farm with his beautiful photography. Many of his photos are featured on this website. 
  • Fayette County's Mcoys Tree Surgery for their weekly drop offs of wood chips.
  • Our neighbors who have always supported our endeavors and lend their help when needed.
  • All of the tractor and farm supply businesses in the La Grange area for their generosity.
  • Mr. W.O Wood for being a dedicated supporter of ANUME and for his donation of feed tubs which we now use as planters.
  • Jane Renee Chabrand, Elaine Rutten, and Juan Canedo for their generous gifts and support. 
  • Schulenburg ISD for opening up their doors to us.
  • The many ISDs in the Houston and La Grange area who have helped us grow our educational programming.
  • Betsy Ross from Sustainable Growth Texas who has taught us the magic of compost tea, among many other methods for growing organic food and raising cattle.
  • All the politicians and representatives that have vouched for our cause.
  • San Jacinto Environmental Supply who donates their expertise helping us fortify and enrich our soil.​
  • Nature's Way Resources who educates us conditionally and contributes many hours to our purpose and growth.
  • The chefs at Bistro 108 and Georgia's Farm to Market who have partnered with ANUME to share our quality produce with their customers.
  • Central Texas Food Bank for their continued support and collaboration. It has been a pleasure working with you all over the years, thank you!
  • La Grange Tire for their charitable support.
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